Day 1 of the Master Cleanse diet

I broke my own heart last year loving a man that didn’t want to be loved at the time.  No big deal on the surface, but it shattered my dream once the realization that happily ever after wasn’t happening at that point.  So, what did I do?  You’re so smart!  Yes, I ate and drank until I was overly content to compensate for the lack of contentment I felt in my heart.  That resulted in a 45 lb. weight gain in 3 months.  I had a hernia and it looked like I was 9 mths. pregnant.  It wasn’t until some “holier-than-thou” doctor told me they could run the most “exotic” tests on me and still wouldn’t find anything wrong with me, that I decided to make a change.  So, I took my Prilosec, cut back on alcohol and stopped sleeping all day and eating at all hours of the night.  Fast forward to December.  My acid reflux was gone and I only had the belly bulge of someone 4 mths preggers.  Fast forward to February.  I started working and working out and really watching what I ate and had shed about 20 lbs.  Fast forward to now.  I’ve lost about 10 lbs. since February, but the extra fat is trying hang on for dear life!  Back when I was modeling and in my prime (about a year and a half ago) I was a size 6.  I literally squzzed myself into a size 11 pair of jeans last week.  I’ve had them for 3 weeks and they finally fit!  Still, my size 6’s are calling my name!  I’ve always had curves and I look great at a 6.  I even look great at an 8…or an 11!  However, if I want to get back into my 6’s so I can start modeling again to pay some of these seemingly never ending bills, I’d better put my fat (fat for me that is) foot down and run from the pleasures of cheese, sour cream, beef and wine like they’re the plague until I can get this all under control.  This is why I’ve started the Master Cleanse.  I’m supposed to do it for at least 10 days.  Today started out REALLY rough!  I had a pounding headache and was so dizzy I could barely see straight enough to make lunch for my boys.  I feel better as I’m writing this because I drank enough cold water to fill a bath tub (I was craving it for some reason)!  I’m hungry now, so I’ll end this post and go make myself some lemonade.  Hooray!!!  Catch ya lata!