9 April 2008


“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will
interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet,
and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
—Thomas Alva Edison: Was an inventor and businessman

*******Well, Thomas Edison had high hopes for the future, unfortunately, all doctors are not doing this because of how lucrative it is to be in cahoots with the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies.  It’s such a shame to see a constant barrage of drugs hitting the market.  They’re marketed at a greater rate than having a healthy diet and exercising.  The health industry is large, but the non-health industry is larger!  Boy, did I digress…it was necessary.  Holistic practitioners do exist and they are are gaining more notariety.  They are no longer thought of as quacks across the board and rightfully so.  They study the human body inside and out, understand what ails it and know how to prevent AND cure these ailments.  I grew up with a mother that lived the holistic life and instilled it in me and my sisters.  I lost sight of it because I am rebellious, but I have suffered the consequences of illnesses and disease.  I have now turned back to that way of living.  I may eat an occasional slice of pizza or a cheeseburger because damnit, I just want to.  I do however, recognize the benefits of living a healthy life.  If you don’t know anyone in your life that can guide you down the right path, dispell the quack myths and make an appointment with a holisitc practitioner for a physical.  You’ll be glad you did.*******



ef·fec·tu·ate[ i fékchoo àyt ] (past and past participle ef·fec·tu·at·ed, present participle ef·fec·tu·at·ing, 3rd person present singular ef·fec·tu·ates)
transitive verb 
accomplish something: to do, cause, or accomplish something ( formal )

[Late 16th century. < medieval Latin effectuat-, past participle of effectuare< Latin effectus (see effect)]

 ef·fec·tu·a·tion [ i fèkchoo áysh’n ] noun
*******Presently, my main focuses are to effectuate my goals of making it through all 10 days of my Master Cleanse, doing my homework for this week, making more money and being completely ready for this gig on Saturday.  Wish me luck!*******

Have a great day everyone with a smile on your faces, love in your hearts, positivity and wealth on your minds!