Day 2 of the Master Cleanse

Day 2 went fairly well.  I decided to re-read the .pdf version of the book again and discovered why I had previously been ill.  I was ingesting 2 tablespoons of salt instead of 2 teaspoons!  Such a natural blond I tell ya!  I felt MUCHO GRANDE better throughout the day and didn’t suffer many bouts of hunger.  I did however smell the ghost of pizza’s past when I walked into work.  Then, I arrived on my floor, the smell of pickles and salad dressing was haunting me.  It didn’t appear appetizing at all, but it was FOOD!  Hrrrrr!  (Yes, I said hrrrr and I meant it…it’s a high-pitched cry for help.)  I put it away and shut the door.  Then…I started my rounds and a it was this guys birthday.  I said, “Happy birthday!” and what did he do?  The son of a so-n-so offered me CAKE!  How dare he?  Then…I do a round on the next floor and there’s APPLE PIE on the counter, staring at me, taunting me!  Oh, Father forgive them for they know not what they do to me when they leave food out like that.  I didn’t do too bad when I made it home though.  Although my house is stocked with food, I realized it was mind over matter.  So, I drank some lemonade and went to bed.