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    11 Apr 2008 


    “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions
    as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.”

    Denis Waitley: Author and productivity

    *******Indeed, there are two choices in life.  Frankly, I can’t stand when people just accept conditions as they exist.  I’ve never been one to do this.  I only recently gave myself the utmost power in accepting responsibility for changing.  I realized, no one will help me as much as I can help myself.  I have the ultimate responsibility to take care of my life because it is my life.  I won’t accept things as they are if it is not acceptable to me.  I have the right to live the life I so desire and so do you.*******   



    [PAT-n-ah, pah-TEE-nah]

    1. a thin green layer that forms on copper or copper alloys as a result of corrosion: “You seem to like antiques better than new things, but the patina on this tray somehow makes me unbearably sad.”

    2. a surface sheen that develops on a surface with age and use

    3. a thin or superficial layer; ‘a face etched with a patina of fine lines and tiny wrinkles’

    Approximately 1748; borrowed from Italian, ‘patina’; from Latin, ‘patina’: shallow dish or pan (from the incrustation on ancient metal dishes); from Greek, ‘patane’: plate.

    *******I used to be sooo caught up the patina gorgeous men possess.  After a multitude of heartbreaks, I decided to get past that and look within before I invested any heartspace in them.  What did I find?  With most, not a single solitary thing.  There have been a few exceptions, as there are always exceptions to the rule, but I don’t focus on that superficial layer anymore.  I’m a good judge now and that’s why I’m still single.  Not for long though, I have some prospects on the horizon. ;)******* 

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    Day 4 of the Master Cleanse 

    Day 4 wasn’t so bad.  The mornings seem to be the easiest.  There’s something suspicious about the 2 o clock hour.  It’s like my body wants to devour everything from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.  Strange I tell ya.  I knew there was going to be a party at work, but I didn’t know it was going to be as bad as it was.  They had taquitos, finger sandwiches, mini quiche, egg rolls, muffins, beer, wine and martini’s.  Woe was me!  I did come to the conclusion that it really was mind over matter.  I was offered food, reveled in the smell and look of it, was even offered a plate, but declined.  All I had to do was say, “It doesn’t matter.”, and move on.  It was that simple.  It didn’t stop the hunger pangs.  I drank my lemonade for that.  It did stop the big wheels from turning at an increasing rate when thinking of the taste of all of the decadence that lay before me.  I was tempted to have a nightcap when I got home, but I figured that wouldn’t help me any, so I decided against it.  My willpower is super strong now.  I just went through the whole bedtime routine with my boys, drank some water and went to sleep ready for day 5. 

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