11 Apr 2008


“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions
as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.”

Denis Waitley: Author and productivity

*******Indeed, there are two choices in life.  Frankly, I can’t stand when people just accept conditions as they exist.  I’ve never been one to do this.  I only recently gave myself the utmost power in accepting responsibility for changing.  I realized, no one will help me as much as I can help myself.  I have the ultimate responsibility to take care of my life because it is my life.  I won’t accept things as they are if it is not acceptable to me.  I have the right to live the life I so desire and so do you.*******   



[PAT-n-ah, pah-TEE-nah]

1. a thin green layer that forms on copper or copper alloys as a result of corrosion: “You seem to like antiques better than new things, but the patina on this tray somehow makes me unbearably sad.”

2. a surface sheen that develops on a surface with age and use

3. a thin or superficial layer; ‘a face etched with a patina of fine lines and tiny wrinkles’

Approximately 1748; borrowed from Italian, ‘patina’; from Latin, ‘patina’: shallow dish or pan (from the incrustation on ancient metal dishes); from Greek, ‘patane’: plate.

*******I used to be sooo caught up the patina gorgeous men possess.  After a multitude of heartbreaks, I decided to get past that and look within before I invested any heartspace in them.  What did I find?  With most, not a single solitary thing.  There have been a few exceptions, as there are always exceptions to the rule, but I don’t focus on that superficial layer anymore.  I’m a good judge now and that’s why I’m still single.  Not for long though, I have some prospects on the horizon. ;)*******