April 14, 2008


“It doesn’t matter where you are coming from.  All that matters is where you are going.”  -Brian Tracy

*******It really doesn’t matter where you’re coming from.  Your past is your past and it does not define who you are today and who you will be tomorrow.  You’re the person you are today because of your past.  You’ve been taken through trials, taught lessons, refined and molded.  And in the years to come, you will be refined even more because of the life experiences you have yet to go through.  Don’t fret on the past and dwell on where you’ve come from.  You HAD to come from there to get to the here and now.  Whatever happened before today is irrelevant in reference to where you are headed.  This is your life.  Your story.  You have the master pen.  Think hard before you write.*******




1. an obvious truth: “John, you can’t spend your life fighting this truism.”

adjective form: truistic

Approximately 1705; from English, ‘true’ + ‘-ism.’

*******What truism are you refusing to acknowledge?  More than likely it has something to do with yourself.  Whether it’s physical or mental, you need to pay attention to it, because you are responsible for you.  I’ve taken the reigns and have decided to work on the truisms I’ve neglected for the past year.  Like my mental and physical health.  No, I’m not crazy…welll…just a little, but not clinically. 😉  I just had to work on dealing with people and life.  Now, I’ve pretty much have all of that down to a science and I’m as fat as a bloated leech.  That was gross…I’m sorry.    Now, the physical has been much harder.  I’m doing well though.  I’ve combined breathing exercises, pilates and cleansing diets to help burn off the extra weight I put on last year.  So, acknowledge that truism you’ve been turning a blind eye or deaf ear to.  You’ll be proud of yourself and have much more confidence when you do.*******

Have a splendid day with a smile on your faces, love in your hearts and accomplishing all of your goals on your minds!

Smooches to all,