Day 5 of the Master Cleanse

I need to get caught up on the recap of my diet!  Day 5 was fine until I went into work to suffer through another party.  I just don’t understand the torture.  I’ve been working there since early February and they HAD to wait until I go on the Master Cleanse to taunt me with decadent food!  Oh the horror!  It was just pizza, cake, chips, salsa, cheese, beer and wine, but I would have enjoyed a morsel or two if I could have for pete’s sake!  Norma knew I was suffering, so she cleaned it all up as soon as everyone left.  What an angel. 🙂  I went straight from work to rehearsal and was perfectly fine until around midnight.  Then the fire grew-not just a little fire-I’m talking about a fire in the pit of my gut that rivaled a California forest fire.  Calvin didn’t have any lemons to make my lemonade so we embarked upon a quest to find an open store.  Oh, Michigan and their lovely store hrs.  People do shop after 9 p.m. right?  Geez!  We finally decided to go to Super Kmart, but along the way we just HAD to pass McDonald’s, Burger King, White Castle, Taco Bell AND Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Come on!  A little mercy here please?  No?  Just thought I’d ask.  I got my lemons and we returned to the music hut to practice for another 4 hrs then it was off to bed to get some rest before our Saturday gig.