Day 6 & 7 of the Master Cleanse

On Day 6 I was so distracted with rehearsing, traveling and gigging I barely noticed my hunger.  They said it was supposed to go away after day 3, but it doesn’t for a foodie like me.  Once I arrived at the cafe, my eyes immediately went to the menu that listed a sandwich I have been dreaming about since I first walked in their doors a month ago.  It’s called the Blanche DuBois and it has fresh buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes on it.  I can’t remember what else, but that’s enough to get my mouth watering!  I resolved to concentrate on the gig and to buy my beloved sandwich the next time I sang at the cafe.  After that, I was good…until I decided to go out that night.  I drank and we all know we lose our inhibitions when we do.  I made it past Taco Bell, but at home, I couldn’t fight the urge to make a fried egg, breakfast potatoes and a piece of toast.  Bad idea!  I wasn’t even sure if I enjoyed it.  It was the mere satisfaction of eating SOMETHING that thrilled me to pieces.  I went straight to bed and woke up at 11 a.m. with a stomach and headache so bad I couldn’t see straight.  I curled up in a ball and prayed for the bad man to stop.  Tears sprang to my eyes.  I got up drank some water and went straight back to sleep until 2 p.m. so I could have a little life left in me for my 3-11 shift.  I didn’t feel better until around 7 after flushing everything out with lots of water.  I decided to continue my diet for the remainder of the 4 days and not have a single solitary crumb of a cotton pickin’ thing until it was over.  I cheated and I paid for it and I never wanted to torture my body like that again.  Harumph!