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    18 Apr 2008 


    “No man has a chance to enjoy pemanent success until he begins to look in a mirror for the real cause of all his mistakes.”  -Napolean Hill

    ********Oh you can have success without pointing the finger at the man in the mirror when it comes to acknowledging who’s to blame for all of your past failures, but your success won’t last long.  Why?  Because success doesn’t come before failure.  Success comes through trial and error.  YOUR trial and error.  You may have had a business partner that didn’t put up his end of the bargain and your business failed.  You can sit around blaming him until the end of the day, but the real cause of the failure was YOU.  How long had you noticed the business was in the throes of tanking?  Probably long before it did.  What did YOU not do to stop it?  What did YOU learn from that to have caused you to do things differently the next time around?  What will YOU do to ensure it won’t happen again in the future.  Do you see my point?  Sure you have business partners so you can have the “meeting of the minds” to ensure your success, but don’t ever forget YOUR past mistakes in your dealings with others.  YOU must remember what YOU’VE done so YOU don’t repeat history.  That is how you attain permant success.*******



    [SOL-ip-siz’-ahm, SOE-lip-siz’-ahm]

    1. the philosophical theory that the self is all that you know to exist: “The originality of Nina’s work stems from her creative solipsism.”

    additional noun form: solipsist
    adjective form: solipsistic

    Approximately 1880; from Latin, ‘solus’: alone + ‘ipse’: self + ‘-ism.’

    *******At first thought, solopsism seems to be selfish, but it really isn’t.  At least not when you are in the midst of discovering who you are.  Eliminating or avoiding outside influences is the best thing you can do for yourself during the period in your life when you start to question yourself.  This happened to me last year.  In hindsight, I appeared to be selfishly self-absorbed.  Indeed, I was self-absorbed, but it wasn’t selfish by any means.  I needed that.  Now, I know who I am and what I stand for without a shadow of a doubt.  I did hurt others feelings in the process because they misinterpreted my actions (read: inaction), but once I explained what I was going through and what I discovered, they were blissfully happy for me.  Solopsism in regards to self-improvement purposes really doesn’t take long–a month should be sufficient.  Just stay home, turn off the t.v., internet and only answer important calls.  Engross yourself in yourself and read A LOT.  Books like “The Law of Success”, “Radical Forgiveness”, “The Higher Self” and “The Path to Love” and the book and movie “The Secret” are great tools to open up your mind and get you moving in the right direction.  This is exactly why I’m so happy, positive and motivated all the time.  Try it.  It’s about time you come out of your cacoon! ;)*******

    Have a wonderful day with smiles on your faces, love in your hearts and accomplishing all of your goals on your minds.


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    Day 10 of the Master Cleanse 

    I made it!!!  Oh I could see the gates of heaven drawing nigh!  I started to celebrate when I awoke only to realize I still had 17 more hrs. to endure.  SERENITY NOW!!!  I honestly think the 10th day was the hardest.  Thoughts like, “You can have just ONE bite.” and “You made it to the 10th day.  It’s okay if you stop now.”, were incessantly spinning throughout my mindspace.  It’s so much easier when I’m at home because I can find a million and one things to do in my humble abode.  But, noooo…it had to be a double shift day.  That can only mean I will smell and see food on all 14 floors EVERY TIME I DO A SECURITY ROUND!!! Grrr I say…grrrr!  I was smart enough to bring some cup-o-noodles with me to my midnight shift, so I could have something of substance (but not too much) the second a hunger pang struck after the stroke of midnight.  When 12 a.m. came, I almost shouted hallelujah like that old lady from my childhood that used to elbow people (obliviously because she was under the spirit of course) that got in her way as she shouted up and down the aisles of the church for an hour (Father forgive me).  However, there were cameras everywhere and I wasn’t in the mood to be fired for my brief moment of insanity.  So, I quelched my scream of delight and savored my noodles.  I would have kissed each one before partaking if those stinkin’ cameras weren’t there!  Geez…can’t a girl have some privacy?  No?  I thought I’d ask.  The noodles were great, I didn’t even need any salt or pepper!  Woo-hoo!  It’s almost as if I’ve been given a fresh set of tastebuds.  Strange…but good.  The doughnut guy came at 7 a.m. and although I could really care less about sweets, I’ve had a love affair with old fashioned glazed doughnuts since I was a little girl frequenting Dunkin’ Donuts before Sunday morning service in L.A.  Hey…I HAD to eat it.  It would have been wrong and totally going against tradition if I didn’t.  Right??  No?  Again, I thought I’d ask.  It wasn’t that great anyway.  It had a lemony taste to it for some reason and it was very heavy in my stomach.  Ho-hum…that’s what I get for eating it.  Still…I am the champion my friends…;)  Shout-out to Queen! 

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    Day 9 of the Master Cleanse 

    I felt nearly victorious on day 9.  Even though I messed up on day 7, I really didn’t think I’d have the willpower to make it to day 9.  With the 10th day just around the corner, I felt like a sprinter running the last 100 yds. of a 400 yd. run.  I was at the home stretch and I could smell the oh-so-sweet smell of victory right around the corner.  I buckled down and drank my “lemonade” throughout the day with gusto while envisioning making it all the way to midnight on the 10th.  Around midnight, I had to fight the urge to fill my mouth with solid food.  I drank a huge glass of water and rocked myself to sleep.  Figuratively that is…I was still slightly sane at that point. 😉

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