Day 9 of the Master Cleanse

I felt nearly victorious on day 9.  Even though I messed up on day 7, I really didn’t think I’d have the willpower to make it to day 9.  With the 10th day just around the corner, I felt like a sprinter running the last 100 yds. of a 400 yd. run.  I was at the home stretch and I could smell the oh-so-sweet smell of victory right around the corner.  I buckled down and drank my “lemonade” throughout the day with gusto while envisioning making it all the way to midnight on the 10th.  Around midnight, I had to fight the urge to fill my mouth with solid food.  I drank a huge glass of water and rocked myself to sleep.  Figuratively that is…I was still slightly sane at that point. 😉