21 Apr 2008 


“Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make  a complete use of the other five.”  -W. Somerset Maugham

*******I don’t really focus on the materialistic side of life for two reasons; 1. I don’t have the means to…yet.  2. It’s not going to make me a better person.  This sounds slightly cheesy, but it’s true for me.  However, there was a time when I was making so much money, I didn’t know what to do withit.  So, I did the only natural thing; I spent it…frivolously.  I ate the finest foods, drank some of the finest wines and liquors, bought all of the clothes, shoes and accessories my big ‘ole heart desired.  It was fun, but I was unhappy because I didn’t invest in myself.  Not to digress too far away from today’s quote, I will say I was happy on the surface because I was able to appease my very particular senses.  So, if you want to appease all of your senses to the fullest capacity, I suggest you discover what uber money-making career you can turn into your definite chief aim, so you can party like a rock star! ;)*******



cab·al·le·ro [ kàbbə lérrō, kbb’l yérrō ] (plural cab·al·le·ros)


1. Spanish knight or gentleman: in Spain or Spanish-speaking countries, a knight, cavalier, or gentleman
2. Southwestern U.S. horseman: a horseman
[Mid-19th century. Via Spanish< late Latincaballarius< Latincaballus “horse”]

*******Ahhhh…gentlemen!  Sammy Sosa I lu theem!  But, why are they so far and few between?  Why is it so difficult to open a car door (or any door for that matter) for a woman?  What is this built up animosity men have towards being gentlemanly?   Does it make them feel “less than” if they extend themselves to make a woman feel special?  What gives?  I am making a valid attempt at raising two gentleman that truly value the women they date and marry.  My boys and I were going into the grocery store the other day and I spotted a teenage boy closing his mother’s car door.  I assumed he had opened it for her and I said to Jay,”Aww, he’s such a gentleman.  He just opened his mother’s car door for her and that’s the way it’s supposed to be!”  Jay, ever the sarcastic one, said, “Nah, I don’t think so.”  Yet, he later held the door for me as we left the apt. to go to the park.  Tee-hee-hee.  Two points for me!  I’ve been fortunate to date quite a few gentlemen, although they usually are age 45 and older.  Somehow, knighthood seems to have begun dying off in the ’70’s.  I attribute this to those born after 1970 that not having father’s that respected their mothers, which caused them to turn out to be as chivalrous as a New York sewer rat!  With that being said,  I do not believe that statement is all-encompassing; I’m still holding my breath.  You’ll be ableto judge the effectiveness of me holding my breath by whether my posts start dying off or not. ;)*******