Motivatonal Quote/Video/Word of the Day


“Money is one of the most important subjects of your entire life.
Some of life’s greatest enjoyments and most of life’s greatest disappointments stem from your decisions about money.
Whether you experience great peace of mind or constant
anxiety will depend on getting your finances under control.”

—Robert G. Allen: Financial adviser, author

*******In 2004, I received a huge lump sum.  Everything I did with that money was about great enjoyment…in the moment.  The only things I have to show for that windfall are my guitar, guitar stand, microphone and amp.  Instead of trying to eliminate debt completely, I distributed it between all of my bills.  Bad idea.  Hindsight really is 20/20!  After the great enjoyment came the great disappointment.  I kept saying, “If only I had handled that differently…”.  Now I know better and now I am focusing on creating wealth to give myself and others great enjoyment, instead of living paycheck to paycheck in great disappointment.  It’s not that I didn’t want to do it in the past, it’s the fact that I’m in total control now that has led me to the point of being on the cusp of discovering exactly what will work for me.  I’m truly tired of the disappointments.  I’m ready to enjoy life.*******





1. a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display: “Despite his affectations, I am not convinced he makes a lot of money.”

2. a habit or behavior that is assumed rather than natural; artificiality

Approximately 1548; borrowed from Middle French, ‘affectation’; from Latin, ‘affectationem’, from ‘affectare’: to strive after, frequentative verb form of ‘afficere’: to act on.

*******Watching the affectations of men when they approach me or another woman is fascinating to me.  I’m not sure what exactly goes through their minds before they speak, but oftentimes, it doesn’t seem like much.  I’d much rather a man be completely real with me versus putting on an affectation of what he thinks I expect or desire.  The fact that they don’t know me should be forefront in their minds, so they don’t act like a baffoon and turn me off.  Acting like Mr. Fabulous will only lose my interest.  A few kind and/or genuine words will go a long way.  Grandiose affections will only render you “Dateless in the City”.  That’s just my big ol’ humble O! ;)*******

Have a great day with smiles on your faces, love in your hearts and accomplishing all of your goals on your minds!!!