29 Apr 2008


“If you do not believe in cooperation, look what happens to a wagon that loses a wheel.”  -Napolean Hill

*******Well, that’s just a whole ball of uselessness right there!  It can’t be more true though.  Have you ever tried to force something to work when there wasn’t anything cohesive going on between the elements in the union?  It can be done, but there’ll be a lot of undue stress placed on the working elements.  Once this happens, the ever-so-graciously-diligent working elements will be more susceptable to failure down the line.  If you’re the rickety wheel,  patch yourself up before you’re removed and replaced.  If you’re dealing with the rickety wheel, suggest a trip to the repair shop before the whole wagon falls apart.******* 




1. a coat of hair, wool, or fur covering the body of an animal: “I find long-haired pets very beautiful, but that type of pelage seems to adorn the furniture more than the animal.”

Approximately 1825; from French; from Old French, ‘peil,’ ‘pel’: hair; from Latin, ‘pilus’: hair.

*******Okay…I understand we’re talking about a coat of hair on an animal, but let’s talk about my son Jo for a short minute.  I love him.  Sammy Sosa I lu heem with many spoonfuls of sugar on top.  However, when Jo was born, he was COVERED in hair.  I’m not talkin’ ’bout the fine spray of hair many babies are born with.  I’m talkin’ a COAT of hair.  A coat so thick I had to put an extra glob of lotion on him because the hair would soak it up first.  I’m talkin’ a coat so thick and long, you could pinch it, pull it up and it would softly fall back down into place.  On top of that, it was EVERYWHERE!  It was on his ears, neck, back and butt.  The divination between the hair on his head and the hair on his body was so minute, you had to get really close and squint to find it!  He’s nearly seven now and has been body hair free for about 5 years…except for the manly leg hair!   I’m just thanking God I don’t have to worry about Jo being a dateless hairy monster anymore.  He’d always have his mama’s love though!;)******* 

Have a great day with smiles on your faces, love in your hearts and accomplishing all of your goals on your minds!

Smooches! 🙂