Hooray for Java!!!

I was beating my head up against the wall because I couldn’t insert a picture in my post for the life of me.  Unbeknownst to me, Java rules all things media.  I know I’ve had issues if I’ve ignored my Java updates before, but I didn’t know I should bow to the Java Gods if I received an update notice from them every week!  Aaargh!  So, I screamed bloody murder and perused the faq’s and deleted all of my temp files as suggested.  I read about updating Java, but I said, “Puh!  What’s Java gotta do with it?”  Ummm…everything I’ll have you know!!!  So I updated it and it MADE me close all 14 of my open tabs and windows (hey…I’m a multi-tasking bloggadoccio!)!  How dare they!  But, it worked and I’m blissfully happy!  Now I can make it through my day without the dark cloud of failure hovering above me.  I’m free to post with pics!  I have reached heights I never thought I would EVER reach!  I have been to the mountaintops!  Okay…that’s enough. 😉