2 May 2008-Motivational Quote/Word of the Day


“A man is half whipped the minute he begins to feel sorry for himself, or to spin an alibi with which he would explain away his defects.”  -Napolean Hill

*******The minute you begin to say, “I’m sorry, it’s just that I…”, you’ve lost the battle.  It’s okay to apologize, but following it up with an excuse only makes you appear weak.  No one wants to associate with the weak.  The best thing to do, is apologize and move on.  Learn from the mistake you’ve made and make sure it never happens again, because the next time, your apology will fall upon deaf ears.*******



knave [ nayv ] (plural knaves)
1. cunning untrustworthy man: a man who is considered dishonest and deceitful ( archaic )
2. man servant: a man who works as a servant ( archaic )
3. card games 
Same as  jack1n (sense 2)

[ Old English cnafa “boy, male servant” < Germanic]

*******Ah…you gotta love a knave!  I don’t understand why ulterior motives have to come into play.  What’s so wrong with being honest from the get-go?  It saves a lot of time, trouble and heartache.  The time you spend scheming are hours of your life you’ll never get back!  Why waste your time trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes?  It’s immoral to be deceitful and it will always come back on you when you are.  You may think you are doing things for the greater good, but when your lies are discovered, watch out.  People don’t like being fooled.  Especially if they’ve been duped the same way before.  The second time it happens, they’ll be ready to show their claws.  Mom was right.  Honesty IS the best policy.*******