5 May 2008-Motivational Quote/Word of the Day


Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.

by Jonathan Swift

*******Telling another person about you hopes and dreams is both complicated and frightening.  That vision you keep seeing, is inaccessible to them, which also makes it implausible.  That shouldn’t matter to you though.  Nay-sayers will always exist to keep you from accomplishing your goals with their, “I don’t know about that’s…” and “What if’s”.  If you continue to listen to them, your vision will soon become as permanently invisible to you as it is to them.  If you keep believing in the unseen, your vision, will soon manifest into more than you could ever envision.*******




re·pe·chage [ rèppə sh ] (plural re·pe·chag·es)


last chance for advancement in competition: a heat within a competition during which runners-up in earlier heats have a final chance to qualify for the next round. Fencing, rowing, and cycling competitions often have a repechage.
[Early 20th century. < French< repêcher, literally “fish out”]

*******I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like the repechage concept to be applied to life’s situations, not just games of sport.  First on my list would be relationships.  What if you didn’t quite measure up to someone’s standards, but were given another chance down the road?   It doesn’t happen often because it’s hard to forgive and forget, but what if we were given a repachage…a do-over.  Ooooh…I would whole-heartedly jump at the opportunity to be given one more chance.  It would be different and it would be better this time around because I’ve learned from my mistakes and I dare not repeat them again.  We don’t have a such thing as a literal repechage in our daily lives, but we do have forgiveness.  I know it’s hard to forgive another for their past indescretions, but what if we did and everything turned out to be so much greater than we EVER imagined!?  Sounds a little frightening, but it’s worth a try.*******