9 May 2008-Motivational Quote/Word of the Day


“You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”
— James Allen:
Was a British philosophical writer

*******You have your own mind and it’s a powerful thing.  Ever heard of “mind over matter”?  It’s what gets the Navy Seals through “hell week”.  It’s what got me through the Air Force’s Security Forces version of “hell week”, called Bivouac.  I was so sleep deprived, I saw 10 ft. tall pink elephants!  I did!  That’s how whacked out the mind can get.  Your thoughts can take you places you’d never dreamt you’d end up.  And here you are.  Your thoughts brought you here.  Your way of thinking has caused you to be sitting in the very spot you are in right now.  Don’t like it?  Change your way of thinking.  It’s that simple.  When you change your way of thinking, things change in accordance.  Dare to think big!******* 



(adjective, noun)
[PROF-li-git, PROF-li-gayt’]


1. unrestrained by convention or morality: “You can’t just live this profligate lifestyle for decades on end.”

2. recklessly wasteful; extravagant


3. a recklessly extravagant consumer; squanderer

additional noun form: profligacy
adverb form: profligately

Approximately 1647; from Latin, ‘profligatus’: immoral, ruined, past participle of ‘profligare’: to cast down, to ruin (‘pro-‘: down, forward + ‘-fligare,’ intensive of ‘fligere’: to strike).

*******Many people live a profligated lifestyle at some point in their lives.  It usually happens when people are trying to find themselves.  It’s perfectly fine to go through this phase as long as you learn something in the end.  I’m not saying everyone should throw caution to the wind and engage in immoral practices to discover who they are.  I’m just saying, if it happens, so be it.  It was necessary.  Everything happens for a reason.  So, don’t beat yourself up about that “bad phase” you went through.  As long as you learned something from that “lesson”, you’re A-OK in my book.*******