12 May 2008-Motivational Quote/Word of the Day


“Love, beauty, joy and worship are forever building, tearing down and rebuilding the foudation of each man’s soul.”  -Napolean Hill

*******Love, beauty, joy and worship are necessities for the proper nourishment and growth of the soul.  One can be a devout hermit or spinster and deny the influence of these things, but the foundation of their soul will be weak and undeveloped.  We need to experience love, beauty, joy and worship in order to fully appreciate life.  How will we know how harmful hate is, if we never experience love?  How do we know if something is unsightly, if we’ve never seen beauty?  How will we know how painful sorrow is, if we’ve never experienced great joy?  How will we know how to fully disrespect a being, if we’ve never worshipped one with all of our might?  You can deny yourself any or all of these things, but to do that would be to deny your soul the chance of being built upon a foundation so solid, nothing could come from it, but utter greatness.*******



*******What do you bask in the glory of?  I myself, like to bask in the glory of restful sleep.  Why you ask?  Because I don’t get much sleep at night.  I believe I average about 3 hrs of steady sleep nightly.  I’m either doing too much, or thinking too much to fully settle down to get some proper rest.  So, when I do sleep, I’M GONE WITH THE WIND!  I’d rather not dream, because if I do, I will be a starring or supporting character in the dream and that means I’M STILL DOING SOMETHING AND STILL NOT RESTING!  I know it seems, strange, but I am one of the few that don’t put in requests to the Sandman.  Trust me, I do PLENTY of daydreaming to make up for it! ;)*******