13 May 2008-Motivational Quote/Word of the Day 


“The authentic self is the soul made visible.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach: Inspirational author

Do people see your authentic self?  Do you practice integrity in your daily life?  Or are you constantly putting up a front because your feel your true self will not be accepted?  If you feel the need to constantly put up a front, you need to feel the need to cultivate the growth of your soul into something worth sharing.  It doesn’t take much to improve upon oneself.  All it takes is a moment of self-realization to feel the push in the direction of self-improvement.  Once you decide to act upon that-don’t quit until you are satisfied with the soul you and others are visibly aware of.  Taking the time to form yourself into the best representation of your true self is a daunting task, but one worth embarking upon.******* 

Tina Turner-Simply the Best




*******How fun is to be around someone that feels the need to cavil whatever is discussed?  It’s not fun at all.  I once had an acquaintance (and this fantastic personality trait was the reason he never became anything more to me) that was the caviler of all-things-discussable.  Why?  I’m not sure, but it was quite annoying.  I believe he saw his objections as a way of making sure there was always a discussion going on.   For if there was nothing being argued against, it wasn’t a worthwhile conversation.  So untrue.  Some people actually like to agree upon things.  No one in their right mind (ahem!) wants to continuously fight to have their opinion (or any opinion for that matter) heard.  Hopefully, this is not your agenda in life, for if it is, you’re bound to be the acquaintance that has everyone saying, “Oh my God…don’t look up…John’s heading our way…”  Lighten up “John” (I swear this is not aimed at anyone named John in particular), we just want to have a friendly chat from time to time…thanks! :)*******

Shut Up-Black Eyed Peas