Motivational Quote/Word of the Day- 20 May 2008


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

— Marcel Proust: Was a French novelist and essayist

*******You don’t necessarily have to change the scenery in order to bring about change.  Change your way of thinking and open your eyes.  Fewer things than you think are set in stone.  As the times change, so do people and situations.  Whether you are open to change and discovering new possibilities is entirely up to you.  I just don’t believe in the quote, “All things stay the same.”  Ultimately, you are responsible for the outcome of your life.  It’s your choice to create change where change is due.  The best place to start, is with you.*******

Sheryl Crow-A Change Will Do You Good





1. the quality of being alive and vigorous: “He speaks with such brio and insight that I could listen to him for hours.”

Approximately 1750; from Italian, ‘brio’; from Spanish, ‘brio’ or Provencal, ‘briu,’ both of Celtic origin.

*******There’s no other way to live life.  I don’t have time to sit around being depressed about my “have-nots”.  I DO have time to be alive and vibrant and to express my vitality as vivaciously as possible.  I have been told I’m not down-to-earth because I’m a die-hard Mrs. Brightside.  Truthfully, it hurt my feelings because I’ve been through so much that it would be understandable if I conducted my life as a hermit.  It’s just my choice not to.  I want to LIVE!  Exhibiting that frame of mind with BRIO is what keeps me going.*******

Celine Dion-I’m Alive