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    Motivational Quote & Word of the Day-21 May 2008 


    “You cannot teach a man anything. You can
    only help him discover it within himself.”

    — Galileo Galilei: Was an astronomer, physicist, and philosopher

    George Michael-Teacher



    per·fect [ púrfikt ]


    1. without faults: without errors, flaws, or faults
    in perfect condition
    2. complete and whole: complete and lacking nothing essential
    3. excellent or ideal: excellent or ideal in every way
    That’s the perfect word to describe him.
    4. especially suitable: having all the necessary or typical characteristics required for a given situation
    the perfect candidate for the job
    5. skilled: very proficient, skilled, or talented in a particular area
    a perfect host
    6. utter or absolute: used to emphasize the extent or degree of something
    a perfect nuisance
    perfect happiness
    7. exact as reproduction: exactly reproducing an original
    a perfect likeness
    8. botany with stamens and pistils together: describes a flower that has functional stamens and pistils in the same flower
    9. mathematics exactly divisible: exactly divisible into equal roots
    10. grammar with verb action finished: describes a verb or verb aspect for an action that is brought to a close
    11. music of musical intervals: describes the differences in pitch between the fourth, the fifth, and the octave, common to both major and minor scales
    12. fungi with sexual and asexual reproduction: describes a fungus that reproduces both sexually and asexually during its life cycle
    13. insects sexually mature: describes an insect that is sexually mature and completely differentiated

    transitive verb  (past and past participle per·fect·ed, present participle per·fect·ing, 3rd person present singular per·fects)

    1. bring something to completion: to make something as good as possible, or bring something to completion
    They perfected the process last year.
    2. printing finish page: to complete a printed page by printing its reverse side

    noun  (plural per·fects)

    1. perfect aspect of verb: the perfect aspect of a verb
    2. verb in perfect aspect: a verb that is in the perfect aspect
    [13th century. Directly or via French< Latin perfectus< perficere “make completely, finish” < facere “make”]

    per·fect·er noun
    per·fect·i·ble [ pər féktəb’l ] adjective
    per·fect·ness noun




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    I’m sitting here listening to OneRepublic (http://www.onerepublic.net) as I clean my house and I had to stop and write about them.  I’ve been meaning to since I received their CD in the mail from BMG (yes, I let BMG bamboozle me into the 12 for 1, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t have any CD’s because I don’t take the time to buy them anymore).  I am still awestruck at their unbelievable talent.  I knew when I heard “Apologize” then “Stop and Stare” on the radio, they were special, but man was I in for a surprise!  I haven’t heard a band so awesome since Maroon5 hit the scene.  Every single song on their CD is worth listening to over and over again.  Rarely does this happen anymore.  Usually, there are the three commercial songs that can make it into the Top 40 and the rest is PURE filler.  Well, this is not true for OneRepublic’s “Dreaming Out Loud” album.  The first time I heard it, I didn’t move from the couch.  From “Say” to “Come Home”, it’s pure genius.  Granted, they did work with Timbaland, a musical genious in his own reicht, but they already had the talent prior to meeting him.  He was there to help them cultivate it.  They are not only on his Interscope label (http://www.mosleymusicgroup.net)(why wouldn’t they be?), he was the executive producer, which meant he had the utmost faith in their ability to be a stellar band.  I just can’t say enough about these guys.  I would be honored to work with them one day.  A friend of mine had the privilege to share a tour bill with them as the drummer for Fabolous.  How awesome would that be to share a bill with them?  I hope to one day do the same.  Kudos guys.  You have a fan in me.  

    OneRepublic-Stop and Stare


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