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“The best way out is always through.”
Robert Frost




stay [ stay ]
verb  (past stayed or staid, past participle stayed, present participle stay·ing, 3rd person present singular stays)
1. intransitive verb remain: to continue to be in the same place, condition, or state
Stay there and wait for me.
Try to stay alert.
2. intransitive verb reside for short time: to spend some time or live temporarily in a place
We’ve stayed at some beautiful hotels.
3. transitive and intransitive verb pass some time: to spend a particular length of time at a place or in doing something
Alicia stayed too long in the sun and got burned.
4. intransitive verb remain in contention: to keep up with somebody or something, especially by going along with the leader or leaders of a race
5. transitive verb persevere with something: to continue to do something, especially to support something such as an idea, plan, or project
You should stay the course until the task is completed.
6. transitive verb undergo something: to endure, put up with, or survive something, especially something trying, difficult, or unpleasant
The runner had trouble staying the final mile.
7. intransitive verb be around for something: to be present long enough to take part in something, especially a meal
8. intransitive verb linger: to linger or wait somewhere
Stay a moment.
9. transitive verb stop something: to put a stop to something
They put sandbags across the doorway to try to stay the floodwater.
10. transitive verb postpone or hinder: to postpone, hinder, or delay something
stay a trip until the weather improves
11. transitive verb alleviate something in short term: to relieve or ease temporarily something such as hunger, thirst, or other physical need
12. transitive verb restrain something: to hold something back or in check
13. transitive verb law suspend legal process temporarily: to suspend a judgment or proceedings temporarily
14. intransitive verb Scotland reside: to live permanently in a place
Where do you stay?
15. intransitive verb gambling stake same amount: to stake the same amount of money on a poker hand as the person who last raised the stake
noun  (plural stays)
1. a visit: a short period of temporarily residing away from home, especially as a visitor or guest
planning a weekend stay with friends in the country
booked an overnight stay at a small hotel
2. curb or check: something that acts to stop or delay something negative happening
3. law temporary halt: a temporary halt in legal proceedings, or a period during which a judgment may not be carried out
a stay of execution
[15th century. Via Old French ester< Latin stare “to stand”]
stay put 1. to remain in a place or position

2. to remain combined and mixed togetherrefers to mixtures