That’s Mr.”Joe American” to you!

Oh, how I wish I could vote for “Joe American”!  He put many of my thoughts into such eloquent words. I, too, am tired of the targeting of specific demographics in this presidential campaign. To address ALL Americans on subjects affecting ALL Americans, would be the proper and most effective way to campaign. Yet, this energy crisis that could have been prevented and can be easily rectified, seems to only garner minimal attention from the candidates. Bush did touch on it in a recent presidential address, but it seemed as if it was just something they were working on and hadn’t yet figured out how to put the wheels in motion. Who REALLY cares about America? Most Americans do, but our leaders are quite questionable. I will vote and my decision will be based upon which candidate intends to do the most for this ENTIRE country. I’m not into “bandwaggoning” and “following the masses”, my decision will be a wise one.

“Joe, American” Challenges the Presidential Candidates