Blidget, Schmidget…it works…hooray!!!

I wrote the support crew and they sent me some info, but just for hoo-hoo’s and ha-ha’s, I decided to try my old method again.  I really think my browser and/or computer had lost it’s marbles because I was making so many lightning-speed changes and that was the reason for the stalled “publish blidget” button because IT WORKED TODAY!!!  How excited was lil’ ol’ me to see my blidget on my MySpace page (  The only thing was the title of my blidget says “Through Shyra2019s Eyes”.  What up with that?  I do realize that some may think that was the only name available (like an email addy), so they’ll look past it.  Others may think I have 2019 eyes, think I may think I have 2019 eyes or think I can see into the future…for them, I pray…daily…and fervently for.  Anyhooty-hoo, I’ll write MySpace about it later because I went over the code with a fine-toothed comb and couldn’t find where the 2019 came from.  Maybe the code for ‘ didn’t translate over.  Who knows.  I’m tired of fiddly-diddlyin’ and I am quite content for now.  🙂