New and improved (HA HA) short stories category!!!

The fallacy of the catch phrase “new and improved” took some pointing out for me because I tend to infer from expressions whatever I REALLY need in order to get the “point”.  Nothing can be new AND improved because “new” simply means a thing has NEVER exhisted in this time and space.  Therefore, it cannot be improved because there NEVER was anything to improve upon!  Yet, this simple play on words in advertising, has been known to spark a wildfire of consumer consumption of a specific product.  Since capitalization seems to be the “way of the prosperous world”, I too, shall fall ‘privy’ to this way of advertising.  😉  Have fun reading my short story.  Although I don’t write many, they are indeed fun to write.  I wrote this first one last September (such a sad month-the beginning of Fall) and it is metaphorical.  I do hope you get it.  If you don’t, you can reach me at and I will be happy to break it down for you.  It can be applied to various situations and I hope it helps you through whichever situation you are going through, or decide to apply it to.  Cheers!!!