Tsk, Tsk Rev. Jesse Jackson!

No matter how much I try to stay away from the media,  I just can’t.  I’m a Communications major.  I love to read, write, learn, know, explore and discover.  Hold me back if this is your agenda, but it just won’t work.  I MUST KNOW.  So, I found out about Rev. Jesse Jackson’s latest “foot-to-mouth” fumble.  It’s not that he’s constantly making them, but when he does, they’re about people smack dab in the middle of the public eye whilst “confiding” in someone associated with the media or in close proximity to equipment controlled by the media.  Seriously, it seems an “insta-muzzle” would be beneficial to those in Rev. Jackson’s camp.  Who’s got his back when he flies off at the mouth and says, “I wanna cut his n— off.” , in reference to his view of Senator Obama talking down to black people about parenting issues and faith based initiatives?  The man is 66 years-old.  He’s set in his ways.  His O-pin-ions aren’t changing for the life of ANYONE.  Who knew that?  Whomever turned on the “hot mic”.  If Rev. Jesse Jackson doesn’t realize the absence of a red light on a camera and the presence of a mic pinned to his lapel has the probability of creating trouble, someone on his side should.  I’m not defending him.  Clearly, anything he utters outside of his bomb shelter is subject to being recorded and since the “people of the world” know he is apt to shoot off at the mouth, maybe (just maybe) this can be prevented in the future.  I don’t like people having to apologize to save face when they meant every syllable they uttered.  There are times when I have had a conversation with a friend (implied confidence) and I never expect it to reach the light of day.  If it did, I was shocked and not so happy with the regurgitator of my top secret convo.  However, I would never expect a conversation involving anyone in the media, or near anyone associated with the media, to remain privy to those directly involved in the conversation.  Yes, I was slightly shocked when I heard the “heinous” words Rev. Jesse Jackson spewed out against Sen. Barack Obama, but after analyzing the entire situation, I’ve come to this; Rev. Jackson is a good man who has and remains pro-minority with a heavy leaning towards Blacks for the sake of uplifting the Black Nation to a level equivocal to the White Nation or any other Nation perceived to be above the Black Nation.  Fault him if you will, but he has fought hard for Civil Rights.  He did not become President when he attempted to in the ’80s, so it seems as though there’s a sore spot there.  Sen. Obama is sooo close to becoming the next President.  Closer than Rev. Jackson has ever been, so you can easily deduce a possible jealousy here.  Where there’s jealousy, oftentimes there’s slander.  It’s nothing new, so it can’t possibly be too shocking to us laymen.  He said what he said and he meant what he said.  Apologizing for saying it only de-mans the man.  Sen. Obama is very proficient at dusting his shoulders off, so for him, this is just another shoulder dusting festivity to add to the books.  Note to Rev. Jackson’s entourage; say it with me…insta-muzzle, insta-muzzle, insta-muzzle…