Are You Serious Right Now???

My Dearest Self,

You opened a new account with Blockbuster online tonight and wanted to go ahead and watch a free movie online with your beloved children.  You made a nice bowl of buttery popcorn and sat down only to discover you had to download a bunch of software for 20 minutes.  I know, I know, you already have movie viewers downloaded, but the sites are all so uniquely different that they have to have their own programs and licenses.  Hwhatever.  Twenty minutes later, you still have nothing!  Why?  Because something is wrong with your .NET Framework.  Why didn’t you know this beforehand?  Oh, you didn’t need it before?  Really?  I’m sure you did, but again, hwhatever.  You need it now missy!  Fast forward to 3 hours later (because you don’t know how to give up do ya?) and…victory!!!  Despite the wild goose chases between .NET Frameworks 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.5, you FINALLY uninstalled, repaired and reinstalled the RIGHT program.  Hooray!!!  But, you still aren’t done ole-never-giver-upper!  You still have 3 more programs to install.  All was ago until the 3rd Mother Fathering program failed 4 times!  Oh, but you were so close yet oh sooo tired!  Still, you found the will to download Windows Media 11 one last time (yeah right!) from it’s parent site and…success!  You decide to watch the movie even though you’re too tired to watch it.  Then, the commentary starts.  What is this?!  You’re son (Mr. I’m-the-Smartest-Person-in-the-World) tells you it’s the making of the movie like he told you 3 hrs. ago.  Did you hear that?  No!  All you heard was him say something about the movie above yours in the list.  Now, 3 hrs of life shorter, you sit both amazed at your will and accomplishments AND your lack of attention to details because you want what you want and dagnabit your going to get it!  Because of this night gone down in the naturally blonde book of Shyra memories, I shake my head and say to you…

Wa wa wa wa!!!