YouTube is fixed…hooray!!!

You guys don’t know what this means to me!  For months now I’ve been using Google Video (which has a sparse supply of videos and most of them lead to YouTube any old way) and yahoo to post videos in my blog.  See the problem was…what had happened was (LOL)…the sound all of a sudden stopped working when I tried to play a YouTube video on the site, but I could search it and play it in the search engine (yahoo, google) or I could dowload a share button from WordPress or Vodpod (which I did) and listen to individual videos that way.  WHAT A PAIN IN MEINE ARSE THAT WAS!!!  But I’ve done it for like 2.5 months now and had gotten used to spending 2-3 hrs trying to post my blog when…haaaaaa (angels singing)…I accidently clicked on a video while on YouTube – and it played!!!  OMG!  I thought hell hathed (not a word) frozen over!  All I’m sayin’ izzzzz…I’m happy dagnabit!  Yay!!!  😉