Motivational Quote/Word/Videos of the Day-20 Aug 2008 


“The world is full of suffering.  It is also full of overcoming it.”  -Helen Keller

ALLEVIATING SUFFERING, ENDING SHAME  *******This video is bit tough to watch, but Lymphatic Filariasis is a very real disease.  The Carter Center has helped reduce cases by 80% due to their de-worming and mosquito netting efforts.  Overcoming this type of suffering and other parasitic diseases has been monumental to the quality of health and wellness in Nigeria and other third world countries.  They continue this fight and have set a goal to globally eliminate the disease by 2020.  Visit for more information.*******



(transitive verb)

1. to take as spoils; plunder; loot

2. to destroy and strip of possessions: “Sadly, this region has been despoiled of its scenic beauty by unchecked development.”

noun forms: despoiler, despoilment

Approximately 1297; from Latin, ‘despoliare’ (‘de-‘: off, entirely + ‘spoliare’: to strip of clothing, to plunder, from ‘spolium’: armor, booty).

LADYTRON-DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH  *******Good song, but a strange yet captivating video.  I had to double check the lyrics at just to make sure I heard it correctly.  If you’ve been through this with someone, know it is not your fault.  It is their fear of abandonment (more than likely a childhood trauma) that causes them to treat you that way.  Stick around?  You can if you truly love them, but it won’t get better until they seek help to overcome their issues.  If they can’t or refuse to change, you must leave because you deserve better.*******