Motivational Quote/Word/Song/Videos of the Day- 4 Sep 2008


“When you make peace with yourself, you make peace with the world.”  -Maha Ghosananda

BEING AT PEACE  *******This is a nice short meditation to help you foster your own peace within.  It’s tough to find peace in today’s fast-paced society.  With work, school, kids and the hustle and bustle of every day life, when is there ever time for peace?  There is and you have to make time.  It’s best to begin and end your day encompassed in peace.  Life goes so much smoother when you are at peace with yourself.  The little things don’t become big things and you’ll learn to brush the trials and tribulations off without a second thought.  It took me a while to find peace with myself, but now that I have it, I have no intentions of losing it.*******





1. an idle indulgence in fantasy: “After taking the car on a test-drive, Walter spent an afternoon wrapped in woolgathering.”

intransitive verb: woolgather
noun form: woolgatherer

Approximately 1553; from the literary meaning ‘gathering fragments of wool torn from sheep by bushes.’

In action:
“It’s fireplace season, the time to hunker down, cozy up and do some weekend woolgathering. And the colder it gets, the more comforting a crackling fire becomes — assuming, of course, that you’re prepared. Keeping the home fires burning is a lot easier if you’ve stocked up on wood and some serious fireplace equipment.”

WOOLGATHERING BY LOUISE DUFFY  *******This is kind of sad, but it’s a good short.  I’ve never experienced anything like this because I’ve never lost someone close to me, but I know people that have and it has been extremely hard for them to deal with it.*******



MARIAH CAREY- BYE BYE  *******This is dedicated to all those who’ve lost a loved one.  May God bless you and your families.*******