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  • Mother Shyra 23:10 on 9 September 2008 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aches, back to school, chills, defense, fever, homework, live recording, , Norah Jones, restless, Rosie's Lullaby, sick, sleepless, sore throat,   

    Sleepless In Metro Detroit 

    I normally toss and turn throughout the night because I’m a restless soul.  Not in a bad way, I just have a lot to think about.  The state of the world, the state of my life or my loved ones lives.  It’s enough to drive a girl mad, but mad I am not.  I just conjure up solutions and give my conscience pep talks and think about the future over and over and over again.  Tonight, I haven’t even gotten to that point yet.  Why you might ask?  Because I’m sick.  I have a fever and my body aches from the rooty to the tooty and I can hardly say it feels fresh and fruity.  Lol?  No, I’m serious.  I woke up with my throat on fire, (strep?) but I used the trusty hot saltwater gargle and I was able to make it through the day.  I haven’t taken any medication because I don’t like to unless I’m so miserable I’d rather slip into a drug induced slumber than suffer.  A fever just means my body is on the defense and it needs to pull out the super troops and win the war (sorry, I used to be in the military).  So, I leave it alone if I can and go to sleep.  However, I’m restless.  Mainly because I’m shocked I’m sick.  I haven’t been really sick since last November.  Yet, it is the start of the school year and I half expected some illness in the household, but I thought I’d be nursing the kiddies back to health long before I cracked.  So, here I sit–miserable and restless.  The only thing I can think of that will be a surefire lullaby is…HOMEWORK!  See ya in the morn’!  🙂

    NORAH JONES- ROSIE’S LULLABY  *******Well, I don’t need to do homework now! ;)*******

  • Mother Shyra 11:25 on 9 September 2008 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Abet, Accomplishments, , Alejandro Manzano, Boyce Avenue, Cover, Discipline, Disturbia, Encouragement, , , MTV, , Ron Heagy, , VMA's 2008, ,   

    Motivational Quote/Word/Song/Videos of the Day- 9 Sep 2008 


    “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”  -Jim Rohn

    380 PHILOSOPHY ON DISCIPLINE (PROMISE)  *******I’ve learned a very important lesson on what discipline really means.  I have had trouble with motivation, procrastination and discipline because I have never looked at those issues in the same light as I view them now.  After viewing this video, I’m positive the brunt of you will have the same talk with yourself about your level of discipline as I just did.  Cheers to you and your accomplishments!*******



    (transitive verb)

    1. to assist or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing; ‘to abet an ill-doer’; ‘to abet one in his wicked courses’; ‘to abet vice’; ‘to abet an insurrection’: “If you continue to abet this behavior, things will not end well for either of you.”

    2. (as in law) to contribute, as an assistant or instigator, to the commission of an offense.

    noun forms: abetment, abettor, abetter

    Approximately 1374; from Old French, ‘abeter’: to bait, to harass with dogs, literally, to cause to bite (from ‘à’: to + ‘beter’: to bait).

    In action:
    “Skype’s potential as a money earner for eBay depends on the average computer user’s appetite for regulation – and the example of recent years augurs poorly. When Congress passed its first anti-spam bill, the well-funded right-wing think tanks chorused that it wouldn’t work. More red-tape, they snarled. These naysayers aren’t so sure now that spammers are being arrested, and those who abet them facing real jail time. Spam hasn’t gone away, and the internet still needs infrastructure-level fixes to combat the problem effectively, but it’s a measure of how the libertarian rhetoric of the 1990s has cooled.”

    Andrew Orlowski. “Meg Whitman’s $2.6bn spam goof? Giving VoIP a bad name.” The Register [UK] (September 13, 2005).

    RON HEAGY PROMO  *******Well I’ll be…!  What’s my excuse?  Well Ron, I can’t say I really have one.  Watching this video has made me want to shut my excuse trap forever!  He’s amazing and he knows it even though he has every reason to submit to living a subpar life.  I (for once!) have nothing left to say.  :)*******



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