I Saved Mrs. Spots…Hooray!!!

I bought Mrs. Spots about a year ago and had to fight for her life from the very beginning.  I bought the normal fish bowl you see on t.v. thinking it would suffice.  I soon read she needed friends and more space, so I bought that for her.  Within a few days of buying a new 10 gallon tank and 4 other goldfish, I found her floating sideways knocking on deaths door!  I removed her and placed her in the fish bowl I had originally purchased for her a week ago and added a flower to give her a little H20.  IDK.  Soon she was swimming around, so I added her back to the tank only to watch her swim her little fins off trying to get away from the advances of the alpha male goldfish in the tank.  He NEVER gave her a moments rest, so I had to give him to the nearest pet store.  I kept Mrs. Spots though because she was my chick.  For a nearly a year, we’ve had a relatively smooth ride up until Saturday night.

I awoke from my nap around 7 p.m. in a panic.  Call it your typical mother instinct, but I immediately looked at the fish tank and saw Mrs. Spots floating sideways!  I wiped my eyes and she was upside down!  WTF?!!!  No!  You can’t leave me when I’ve tried so hard to be responsible and keep you alive for a year!  I ran over and she flipped and began swimming around as if to say, “No, no, no, I’m fine…I just had a moment” but I freaked!  She was so bloated she couldn’t even right herself.  I had to get ready to go out and I didn’t want her to die, so I searched “fish floating upside down” and found some great advice online.    I found she had either dropsy or swim bladder.  I immediately transferred her from the tank to a shallow bowl and began fasting her.  The recommended time was 3-4 days.  Each day I repeatedly ran over to her bowl to check to see if she was alive.  She just sat there barely moving, but letting out a lot of poop.  I changed the water when there was too much poop even though I was happy to see it coming out of her.  I thought she looked really good today (day 3) and slowly introduced her back into the tank.  At first, she sank straight to the bottom and tried to move around with her left fin (she’s left finned!).  I guess she had to get her sea legs because after a few minutes, she ate the boiled peas I added and swam around with her friends.  She’s now floating in the middle with Lil’ Spots and Mr. Peepers- where she belongs.  Hooray!!!

AMAZING GOLDFISH  *******This is what Mrs. Spots looks like.  I love my Mrs. Spots!  She’s certainly tested my patience this year. ;)*******