Motivational Quote/Word/Song/Videos of the Day- 24 Sep 2008 


“Throughout all history, the great wise men and teachers, philosophers and prophets have disagreed with one another on many different things.  It is only on this one point that they are in complete unanimous agreement–we become what we think about.”                           -Earl Nightingale 1921-1989, Author of “The Strangest Secret”

GINGER VOIGHT- THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS  *******This is a very motivational video.  Although this video was made to help Ginger visualize and focus on her own goals, it can help you to do the same.  It helped me.  I’ve already made my visualization board inspired by my viewings of “The Secret”.  I’d love to make a video also.  I love the way you can make the images pop in and out quickly in order to send it to your subconscious mind quicker.  This technique of rapidly flashing images to your eyes is the way sublimal messages are sent to your mind.  I read a book about sublimal messages the ad agencies send to us via commercials and print ads many years ago and was blown away by how easily it is done.  The book is called “Subliminal Seduction” by Wilson Bryan Key and it is the best 5 cents I’ve ever spent at a library booksale!  LOL!  I digress…like the quote says, “…we become what we think about”.  What are you thinking about?*******




1. a condition of suffering or distress
2. a cause of great suffering and distress: “Casey has been nothing short of a hero from the day he found out about his affliction.”

Approximately 1350; from Latin, ‘affliction-,’ from ‘afflict-,’ past participle of ‘affligere’: to strike down, to cause to suffer, from ‘fligere’: to strike.

In action:
“When a new generation of drugs for schizophrenia began appearing in the early 1990s, there was rejoicing–and relief. Finally, patients had alternatives to old sledgehammers like Thorazine and Haldol, notorious for causing bizarre tics like lipsmacking and other jerking movements that might justify the fear–so common in schizophrenics–that everybody’s staring at them. I remember the excitement in my own family. One of my siblings, now in her 40s, has endured the rattling demons of this disease since adolescence. About five years ago she tried the newly marketed Zyprexa (olanzapine). Before long she was astoundingly better: no paranoia, no voices, but an abundance of calm, even placid, rationality. Within two years, however, this always-slender, 110-lb. vegetarian had gained 47 lbs. and a new affliction: diabetes. Zyprexa was out, and she was moved to Geodon (ziprasidone), another newfangled antipsychotic, which made her feel antsy at first but works quite well.”
Claudia Wallis. “Viewpoint: Why New Drugs Don’t Live Up to the Hype,” [A schizophrenia study shows, once again, that second-generation drugs are not necessarily the big leap forward they are touted to be.] Time (September 30, 2005).



PSYCHOLOGY OF TRAUMA & DISTRESS; HELPING PEOPLE OVERCOME  *******This video is lengthy, but I really liked it because you’ll learn that trauma can make people act out in ways that may make you think they are crazy and need psychiatric drugs just because they can’t deal with life.  What some people really have trouble with is the effects of the traumatic events manifesting in their dealings with people and life.  You’ll also learn how to react and help a person that is acting out.  Trauma is real as are the symptoms and you’ll be surprised how quickly the symptoms diminish or disappear altogether once the traumatic event is addressed and attached to each symptom or ailment.*******


M.I.A- PAPER PLANES  *******Ummm…I truthfully don’t like paper planes, but I DO like this song!  :)*******