Motivational Quote/Word/Song/Videos of the Day- 26 Sep 2008 


“The only secure knowledge is that I exist.”  -Renee Descartes

KEVIN MAX- EXISTENCE  *******All I’m really sure of is that I exist.  I go to sleep each night and wake up each day knowing this.  With all of the discussions about politics, religion, relationships, etc., we spend our lives wondering if what we believe and have heard is concrete truth.  I’ll admit, it does add quite a bit of spice to the mix.  I like spice.  I also like being sure.  It’s the combination that makes my existence worthwhile.*******


CONSIGLIERE• \kohn-sil-YEH-reh\noun

: counselor, adviser

Example Sentence:

After years of being a consigliere to the CEOs of Silicon Valley’s top giants, Norman has decided to break out and head his own high-tech enterprise.

Did you know?

If you’re a fan of The Godfather series of movies, the character Tom Hagen may have already come to mind. Hagen, the Corleones’ family lawyer, was famously dismissed by the Don’s successor and son Michael Corleone because he was not a “wartime consigliere.” The word “consigliere” comes from Italian and has been a part our language since 1615; it was originally used of someone who served on a council in Italy. Currently, it is most commonly used to designate advisers to the Mafia — a use that first appeared in English in a document from a 1963 session of the U.S. Senate. It is also often used generally of a political or financial adviser, or any other trusted adviser for that matter.




CESAR MILLAN- MARRIAGE COUNSELOR EP. 1 (RAGE)  *******LOL!  Cesar would be perfect as a marriage counselor!  LOL*******


DAVID ARCHULETA- Z100 INTERVIEW CRUSH PREMIERE *******Finally!  The song begins @ 1:53 and it’s so cute watching David before, during and after.  This is good for his first release.  I love the tingly feelings I get when I’m around someone I’m crushing on.  They’re enough to make you mad aren’t they?*******