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  • Mother Shyra 14:53 on 6 October 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Motivational Quote/Word/Song/Videos of the Day- 6 Oct 2008 


    Good managers don’t yell at or demean employees because it would be ineffective and unethical. Parents have no less duty to be tactful and respectful when dealing with their children.  -Michael Josephson, Character Counts

    PARENTING WITH NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION (NVC)  *******Parenting isn’t easy.  With that being said, if you take care of your children on every level from day 1, you’ll be rewarded with children you are proud of.  When teachers and child care providers tell you your child is a delight, you can rest assured all of your hard work is paying off.  The first instinct is to fight oppositional behavior, but if you remain calm, uncover and address the reason for the opposition, you can communicate sans violence.  This will set the tone for future interactions and you will be able to set rules and boundaries with minimal opposition.  You can demand respect all you want, but you’ll never really get it from your children (or anyone else) if you don’t earn it.*******



    re·cuse [ ri kyz ] (past and past participle re·cused, present participle re·cus·ing, 3rd person present singular re·cus·es)
    transitive and intransitive verb 
    disqualify somebody: to declare yourself to be, or to render somebody, disqualified to judge something or participate in something because of possible bias or personal interest
    The judge recused herself because she knew the plaintiff socially. 

    [Early 19th century. < Latin recusare “refuse” < causa “cause, case”]

    re·cus·al noun


    CHINESE PING PONG MATCH  ********Ha ha…I had no idea ping pong was this intense!*******



    JANELLE MONAE- MANY MOONS  *******I love her!  She’s a true performer.*******

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    Tags: Bailout, Barack Obama, Eric Cagle, John McCain, Litton Animations, MSNBC, News, Old Age, Political Cartoons, Professional Cartoonist, Ty Barnett   

    The Monday Funnies- 6 Oct 2008- Ty Barnett & Political Cartoons 

    THE PALIN VOTER BASE- TY BARNETT  *******And who said John McCain wasn’t smart?  ;)*******


    This is a hilarious jab at the very seasoned McCain.  Obama’s ears are the best!  LOL



    Are you ready for this?  Bite down hard!!!  LOL  Check out more of Eric Cagle’s cartoons @ http://cagle.com/

    • sandysays1 11:39 on 6 October 2008 Permalink

      No matter where you sit on the political scale this bailout is BS See SandySays1.wordpress.com to strike back.

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    P. Diddy’s Satire On Palin Cracking Under Couric’s Pressure 

    DIDDY BLOG #24- SARAH PALIN SCARES ME  *******Let’s get this out in the open.  There’s no way I could forsee this country being run smoothly if Sarah Palin ever became president.  John McCain is 72.  Wrap your mind around that.  She couldn’t name one magazine or newspaper she reads to get political and world news because she doesn’t read them.  How do I deduce that.  Because when Katie Couric pressed her to name a single one, she resorted to attacking her and defending her great state of Alaska by saying, “…believe me, Alaska is like a microcosm of America…”.  Great.  I read the U.S. News and World Report, The Washington Post, MSNBC, Slate Magazine, etc.  Katie was tough on her, but she should be.  Maybe she blanked.  There’s nothing like blanking under the eye of scrutiny and attacking the attacker.  I’ve done it before, but only because I wasn’t confident.  Confidence.  If Palin isn’t confident in herself, why should we be?

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