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    My mistake!  The Love Lockdown video is posted now.  🙂

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    Motivational Quote/Word/Song/Videos of the Day- 7 Oct 2008 


    “Nothing in life is so hard that you can’t make it easier by the way you take it.”                   -Ellen Glasgow 1874-1945, Novelist

    WILLIAM HUT- TAKE IT EASY- LYRICS- http://www.songmeanings.net/lyric.php?lid=3530822107858683153  *******I really like this song!  I found myself singing the hook right away.  That’s when you know you have a hit on your hands.  Life wasn’t meant to be easy.  If it was, we’d never have anyone to admire and wouldn’t strive to reach any goals because we’d merely exist until we cease to.  I enjoy a challenge.  Trials are seen as challenges to me.  I don’t panic when faced with one anymore because I’ve been through so many I couldn’t fathom surviving, that I KNOW I was built to last.  I love to look back and figure out what lesson I needed to learn or teach.  To this day, I can say I know why I’ve gone through everything I’ve gone through–no matter how bad it was.  So to me, taking it easy just means having faith that in the end, I’ll be just fine because EVERYTHING happens for a reason.******* 




    [oe-BLIK-wi-tee, ah-BLIK-wi-tee]

    1. the quality or state of being oblique: “The only thing I am certain of is the obliquity of his behavior.”
    2. a deviation from the horizontal or vertical

    3. a departure from morality or reason

    4. a lack of directness in speech or conduct

    adjective form: obliquitous


    Approximately 1400; from Latin, ‘obliquitas,’ from ‘obliquus’: slanting (‘ob’: against + root of ‘licinus’: bent upward, from ‘lei-‘: to bend, to be movable).

    In action:
    “The late DJ Enright, one of Sommer’s most effective translators, described the general tenor of his work as ‘low-key and terse. Irony there is, but it keeps its head down, while the occasional uncertain joke raises an uncertain smile. Obliquity is the rule.’ A good example of this obliquity is a short early piece translated by Douglas Dunn and called ‘Domestic’: ‘A woman drags herself from bed. / You know I think I ought to make myself some dinner. / But she doesn’t have time / and dies between / two gestures, her mother’s / and her child’s, never discovering / who, or whose she was / more.'”
    Mark Ford. “Between two gestures: Mark Ford admires Piotr Sommer’s mercurial blend of the lyrical and the quizzical in his collection, Continued.” [Book Review: ‘Continued’ by Piotr Sommer] The Guardian (September 17, 2005).


    FOUNDING FATHERS: THE IMMORAL INSTITUTION OF SLAVERY  *******Wow!  John Adams and Thomas Paine vehemently versed their abhorrence for slavery in these quotes.  I was also impressed by Benjamin Franklin’s changed of heart clearly brought about by personal experiences with slavery.  George Washington thought he was being great by requesting in his will the release of the slaves he owned only AFTER his wife passed too!  What a nice guy.  I recently saw a Dateline special on human trafficking in Cambodia that sickened me.  I couldn’t imagine selling my child just so the family could eat!  This is happening all over the world this very minute!  Please visit the International Justice Mission’s website at http://www.ijm.org/ for more information on how you can help their fight to to bring justice to the victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and oppression.*******


    LOVE LOCKDOWN- KANYE WEST ON THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW  *******Oooh…listen to the lyrics!  He nailed the thoughts of a commitment phobe.  Love is frightening, but sometimes you have to let the one you love chose instead of making your usual choice to run away.*******

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