Motivational Quote/Word/Song/Videos of the Day- 8 Oct 2008 


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart.”  -Helen Keller

JESSE MCCARTNEY- BEAUTIFUL SOUL  *******It is true–although you cannot see or touch a soul, you can feel the beauty of it with your heart.  It is that feeling you get when you know you’ve met your soulmate.  The beauty of their soul radiates from their body and you feel magnetically drawn to them.  It feels as if your entire being is in love–because it is.  From the top of the hair on your head to the bottom of the soles of your feet, inside and out; you are in love.  And no matter what you do, you can’t get rid of that feeling of untangible beauty for the life of you.  Why would you want to?  Give in!  What do you have to lose?  Some say everything, but I say nothing at all.******* 



(adjective, adverb, noun)
[in’-kog-NEE-toe, in-KOG-ni-toe’]

adjective, adverb


1. with your identity concealed: “After all the enemies he has made and the debts he has run up, Peter goes about town incognito.”


2. one unknown or in disguise, or under an assumed character or name

3. the state of being in disguise or not recognized; the assumption of disguise or of a feigned character; ‘His incognito was endangered.’ (Sir W. Scott)


Approximately 1649; from Italian, ‘incognito’: unknown, especially in connection with traveling; from Latin, ‘incognitus’: unknown (‘in-‘: not + ‘cognitus,’ past participle of ‘cognoscere’: to get to know).

In action:
“Isabelle Huppert descends into the lobby of the W Hotel in Westwood with a subtlety that seems the very definition of stealth. Discretion marks her every move. In a town where traveling incognito translates into Fendi sunglasses and black SUVs with tinted windows, there’s something truly phantom-like about her whisk past the reception desk. Could this feline presence really be one of the most acclaimed contemporary actresses in French cinema, a woman whose portrait has been taken by every major European and American photographer, and who’s currently touring in what is undeniably a daring U.S. stage debut?”


Charles McNulty. “The Art of Dying: Isabelle Huppert brings suicide to life in Sarah Kane’s final play.” The Village Voice (October 14, 2005).


ICOGNITO MODE- GOOGLE  *******Hmmm…I don’t know about this one….I like it for myself, but I just so happen to be a good-hearted person.  :0*******


COLDPLAY- VIVA LA VIDA  *******I LOVE COLDPLAY!!!  They are such an amazing band.  I’ve been a fan since I first heard “Yellow” when I was stationed in Germany back in 2000.  Ah, the memories…*******