Motivational Quote/Word/Song/Videos of the Day- 9 Oct 2008 


“Whoever is happy will make others happy too.”  -Mark Twain

GOLDFRAPP- HAPPINESS  *******This video made me smile.  He was waaaay too happy!  I love the days when I feel like skipping down the street, helping old ladies with their groceries and buying all the neighborhood children an ice cream cone.  Thank God for bad days because I’d be broke and tired if I felt like that everday!  ;)*******



[doo-PLIS-i-tahs, dyoo-PLIS-i-tahs]

1. given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech: “Harry is too naive to be duplicitous.”
adverb form: duplicitously
noun form: duplicitousness

Approximately 1450; from Late Latin, ‘duplicitas’; from Latin, ‘duplic-,’ stem of ‘duplex’: twofold, from ‘plicare’: to fold.

In action:
“‘Lemmings don’t leap off cliffs to commit mass suicide. When a population boom causes overcrowding, these Arctic rodents do the sensible thing and migrate en masse in search of a new home. A few of them may occasionally get crowded off a ledge as they swarm into unfamiliar territory. But it’s an accident. Really. The myth of mass suicide got enshrined in modern urban lore by Disney filmmakers in the 1950s, who had the dumb idea that forcing captive lemmings off a cliff would make for dramatic film footage. Real weasels don’t wear tassels on their shoes. And they spend most of their time chasing down mice, rats and other rodents. This makes them heroes, not villains, contrary to the chicken house myth. So if it’s not right to call your typical slimy record industry executive a ‘weasel’, what should you call him? Just say ‘sleazebag’ and leave innocent animals out of it.’
So the duplicitous executive who trashed you to cover his own failings is a sleazebag, not a weasel? Good to know.”
Richard Pachter. “Business doesn’t have to be beastly,” [Book Review: ‘The Ape in The Corner Office’ by Richard Conniff] The Miami Herald (October 17, 2005).




MCCLELLAN’S CONSCIENCE BY THE SOUTHERN AVENGER  *******The Southern Avenger did a great job of showing just how duplicitous the Bush administration has been in regards to the Iraqi War.*******


SAVING JANE-SUPERGIRL-FUNFEST 2008  *******This is my new workout song…you gotta hype yourself up any way you can! ;)*******