OMG…I took 1 Hydroxycut Hardcore 1 hr and 20 min ago because I NEED a push in order to do todays workout.  I’ve been doing the 12 week program I stumbled upon whilst doing some research for one of my daily blogs.  It can be found @ http://www.rockbodyfitness.com and is NOT–I repeat–NOT designed for the weak minded or weak-bodied (don’t worry, I don’t want to look like this guy, but I do want to get my ’05 body back).  Case in point; Week 1 I was unable to do a single, solitary pull-up and I was only able to do 14 of 50 burpees.  Thank God I was in the military or I would never attempt this otherwise because my mind would NEVER let me get over this matter.  Today I have to do bleacher jumps (30 reps), walking lunges (30 steps), 50 meter sprint, bleacher jumps (30 reps), walking lunges (30 reps), 50 meter sprint and 50 squat thrusts in that order and without a break.  Sweaty much?  Indeed.  This is the workout that caused me to miss 3 days last week and 2 days this week because I couldn’t find the ‘time’ to go to the park.  No, my friends–I just didn’t want to do it.  Clearly, I need a push to get through this, so I summoned the help of my enemy HH because I know what it does to me.  Right now, my mind and heart are racing, my right eye is twitching and I feel a buzz flowing throughout my entire body.  So…I MUST WORKOUT NOW OR I’LL SELF-COMBUST!!!  Not really, but it sounded good, right?  I’ll be back in a few to do my daily blog.  Catch ya on the flipside!