The Daily: Motivational Quote (Life)/Word (Beset/The Dark Ages)/Song (Blackcowboy- Come On)/Videos Of The Day- 20 Oct 2008 


“When you know that you’re capable of dealing with whatever comes, you have the only security the world has to offer.”  -Harry Browne, Financial Advisor and Writer

DIANA KRALL- DEVIL MAY CARE  *******This is such a great song.  When you live life knowing you’ll be fine no matter what happens, the security you have within yourself will allow you to live a much happier, free-flowing life.  Depend not the world for peace of mind, but depend upon yourself and you’re bound to live each day to the fullest.  Fearing the dawning of a new day or banking upon the success of others will leave you helpless and unhappy.  Whatever happens, will happen–and you’ll roll with it when it does.******* 



(transitive verb)

1. to assail or attack from all sides: “The zebra was beset by leopards.”

2. to annoy continually or chronically

3. to surround or hem in; ‘the mountains which beset it round’ (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

4. to decorate something with jewels or other ornaments

noun form: besetment

Approximately 1387; from Old English, ‘besettan’: to surround; of Germanic origin.

In action:
“Ms. Waitz was always lean during her running prime, her face sharply angled, and she looks much the same now despite the chemical mix trying to attack the disease. She says she is not beset by nausea nor is she especially weak, although her sense of taste vanishes for a few days after treatment.

‘The doctors are optimistic; I’m optimistic. I’m crossing my fingers,’ she says. ‘I will beat it.’

Ms. Waitz has one of her sport’s most imposing resumes. In addition to her New York triumphs, she won the London Marathon twice (1983, 1986), a world title (1983) and an Olympic silver medal (1984). All the countless miles of road work are now paying dividends in a different sort of endurance test.”

“New York City Marathon winner in the race of her life,” The Associated Press (November 6, 2005).

THE DARK AGES  *******And you think we have it rough!  True, there are evil, barbaric people in the world, but at least civility still exists amongst the greater masses.*******


BLACKCOWBOY- COME ON  *******I love this song and I love this band!  The lyrics are so heartfelt, the band is perfect and Jonah Johnson’s vocals are awesome!  If you love Coldplay and OneRepublic, you’ll love Blackcowboy too.*******