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Just another day @ Mickey Ds

Just another day @ Mickey D's


\”Generation After Generation- Getting Bigger\”

I’m am posting a link to this article because this issue holds a soft spot in my heart.  I abhor seeing overweight children.  In my minds eye, this equals child neglect bordering on abuse.  Phrases like, “It’s pizza tonight”, or “Let’s get take-out again…I don’t have time to cook,” send chills up my spine and creates visions of plump children dancing in my head.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have a pizza night that can be alternated with another kind of fast food, but it’s ONE night a week.  I don’t mind that, but if you or your children can’t remember the last time you’ve prepared a home-cooked meal and all of your wastelines are bulging…you need a diet makeover.  No, I don’t mean go on some strict superhuman diet (although I do love endorsing  \”The Master Cleanse\” and  \”The Cabbage Soup Diet\” as jumpstarts to revamping your regular diet into a healthier one), I just mean a strict decrease of white sugar, white flour, carbs, starches, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, fat, meat and adding more fruits and vegetables.  I swear the Jack LaLane Power Juicer has helped me pull some Tom foolery on my boys.  They can’t wait to get fruit from the store so they can make juices and smoothies.  When it comes to vegetables, I cook them in chicken broth or make a sauce and use the all-time favorite parent phrase, “…there are children starving in _______…they’d love to have your vegetables!”  If I get too much opposition, I just tell them to eat half of the large serving I’ve given them and THAT IS THAT!  Tee-hee.  😉 

Hopefully these blogs will give you some tips on how to raise healthy kids free of diseases and illnesses caused solely by bad diets and obesity.  Take care of America’s kids!!!