Song of the Day – 20 Nov 2011 – Carrie Underwood – Jesus, Take The Wheel

*******This song rings true for me literally and metaphorically.  Jesus has taken the wheel for me many times in my life.  The time that is most memorable was when I was desperate to be with my boys and attempted to drive to Michigan from California knowing I was heading into a major winter storm.  I had just had my car repaired and packed up my furniture and put it in storage, loaded my car, put my dog in the front seat, prayed w/ my mom and sisters and hit the road.  I smiled as I officially left California via the I-15 freeway into Las Vegas.  The second I drove onto the onramp, my engine died.  I called to Jesus to save me and help me get out of harms way.  Although the wheel had locked up, I was  able to steer the car into the emergency lane that was beginning to open up in front of my car as the needle on the speedometer quickly dropped from 55 m.p.h. to o m.p.h.  The second my car was completely in the emergency lane, my car stopped completely.  I knew I was headed into a certain death as I had already saw the severe storm warnings.  But I didn’t care because I needed and wanted to be with my boys so badly, I would die trying to get to them.  But Jesus literally took the wheel and I’m living with my babies today because he saved me.*******