WTF Disney??? 

Hey!  Let’s do all of the pedophiles of the world a favor and put up gargantuan billboards of pubescent girls posed like women promoting Disney’s new line of underwear!  Sounds like a great idea, right?  Wrong!!!  I wonder how many cars stall underneath this billboard!  Are you kidding me right now, Disney?  Is the sale of your precious commodity more important than your morals these days?  I know the economy is in a slump right now, but are times really that hard for the Disney Dynasty?  I can assume so from this display of the disregard for the sanctity of our youth.  I wonder why this billboard is in Beijing and not in L.A.  Could it be because it wouldn’t flipping fly!!!???  It would be protested against before they could even paste the third quarter of the ad up!  I’m thoroughly appalled at this offhanded approach to advertising Disney’s underwear.  The fact that this LITTLE GIRL is made up and posed like a woman ten to twenty years her senior is inexcusable!  I used to model.  I get it.  They use young girls all of the time for ads projected at adults, but it’s normally for clothing and jewelry ads, not for underwear ads that belong in Victoria’s Secret and Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalogs!  Disney’s underwear ads belong in their catalogs and on their in-store displays.  That’s it.  What’s happened to the purity of Disney anyway?  Miley Cyrus is doing implied nudity photos for the cover of Vanity Fair and now this.  Will the real parents and real moral people in our society please stand up!?