17 Apr 2008 


*******I’m currently reading “The Law of Success” and Napolean Hill has some amazing and thought provoking quotes that I will be using as the motivational quotes of the day.*******

“Time is a Master Worker that heals the wounds of temporary defeat, and equalizes the inequalities and rights the wrongs of the world.  There is nothing “Impossible” with time!”

*******Time does indeed heal all wounds.  I have had festering wounds my entire life.  They’ve healed over with time, but I chose to reopen them whenever I was feeling bad about how my life was going.  I’ve learned I have to look upon these healed over wounds as scars of life and not revisit that time in my mind frequently so as to give it power to put me in victim mode over and over again.  I’ve let them heal and left them alone.  I now look upon them as mere scars of life and fascinating stories to tell when prompted.  That doesn’t reopen the wound for me, it lets me tell a story that is so far removed from my conscious mind that it seems as if I’m telling someone else’s story. 

As far as the equalization of rights, the most obvious righted wrong is slavery.  Look how far we’ve come from that atrocity.  The slaves and slave masters could have never envisioned rights being granted the way they are today.  Althought I still feel the sting of racism (especially coming to Michigan after growing up in California) from time to time, it’s nowhere near the magnititude that was exhibited prior to Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks and the likes.  I feel blessed and am grateful to be a part of a progressive generation.  My, how I love time!*******




1. a comprehensive and usually personal view of the world and human life: “Selfless people don’t fit into Sean’s Weltanschauung — he doesn’t believe they exist.”

Approximately 1850; from German: literally, world view (‘Welt’: world + ‘Anschauung’: view).

*******Uhhhhh…WHAT???  I was stationed in Germany and I’ve never heard this word before, but I love it!  To some, my world view is grossly skewed.  I don’t agree.  I love everyone and think everyone is good until they make me curl my lip and prove me wrong.;)  Why I’m so positive and all-loving I truly can’t put my finger on because I have EVERY reason not to be.  However, I’ve learned we choose our actions and reactions.  We don’t have to be negative or in attack mode all the time.  That only leads to reciprocal negativity.  I had a friend once that was so negative, when our relationship dissipated, I didn’t lose any sleep, nor did I make an effort to try to find her or keep in touch.  Now, that’s not entirely right, but negative people drain me.  I don’t have time to be drained.  I have too much to do.  I need to be positive, lively and on my toes at all times.  So, I started out thinking she was positive and happy, but after trying to help her change her world view and realizing my words were falling upon deaf ears, I chose not to bother.  You can change yourself, but trying to change others is sometimes futile.  I know my weltanshauung may seem skewed to the average jane or joe, but it helps me make it through life.  Expecting and waiting for for negative things to happen only manifests negativity.  What’s your weltanshauung?*******

I’m off to work.  I hope the rest of your day is splendid!