Motivational Quote/Word/Song/Videos of the Day- 14 Oct 2008 


“Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them.”         -Washington Irving 1783-1859, Author

SEETHER- RISE ABOVE THIS  *******This is such a great song.  I just watched this video for the first time and found out it is about suicide and was dedicated to Eugene Welgemoed 1981-2007  Shaun Morgan, Seether’s lead singer and guitarist, is Eugene’s brother.  In no way do I think those that have committed suicide have little minds.  Life is not easy and sometimes it can be too much to bear when a light cannot be seen at the end of the tunnel.  I’ve been there and I thank God for my family and friends because I’m still here.  This quote addresses the misfortunes of life and how they should be dealt with.  Take the current state of the economy for example.  Left and right, people are just giving up or simply taking financial and job losses as if life has come to an end.  Although life as we’ve known it has come to a standstill, it doesn’t mean it’s over or will never return to it’s former state.  You just have to roll with.  Shop differently.  Name brands aren’t the holy grail and being able to dine out and buy whatever you want does not determine the measure of a man.  Not having enough actually teaches you what is really important to your survival.  These are your needs.  During these hard times; take care of your basic needs and stay calm.  Have a great mind and rise above this.*******



(adjective, noun)
[AB-ahr-ahnt, a-BER-ahnt]


1. markedly different from an accepted norm; ‘aberrent behavior’: “We would like to observe your children to pinpoint the source of their aberrant hostility.”


2. one whose behavior departs substantially from the norm of a group

additional noun forms: aberrance, aberrancy
adverb form: aberrantly

Approximately 1550; from Latin, ‘aberrant-,’ present participle of ‘aberrare’: to go astray, from ‘errare’: to wander, to err.

In action:
“True, these diverse communities identify with the same faith; but because of Islam’s inherent cultural pluralism, each brings with them an Islam that has developed over centuries in response to the environments of their respective homelands. Accordingly, Muslims in the diaspora are charged with reconciling countless varying, even conflicting, manifestations of Islam. For Muslims, this is historically an aberrant situation. The result is that almost every idea, from the most radical to the most conservative, is hotly contested among Muslim communities in places like Australia.”

Waleed Aly. “The making of Muslim Australia,” The Australian Age (October 23, 2005).


FABIO CAPELLO IS ANGRY!!  *******This is hilarious!!!  He beat up the two dudes next to him!  His reaction is a bit excessive, but aberrant for a sports manager?  Hardly.*******


JESSE MCCARTNEY- IT’S OVER FOR GMA  ********I get it Jesse…nice knowin’ ya!  LOL*******